Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spoiling Myself

So during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I decided to spoil myself.  The only thing I was looking forward to during Black Friday was the Victoria's Secret sale.  If you buy over $60, you recieve this awesome tote bag with their latest beauty must-haves.  I was quite excited to get it but I didn't know it would run out that quickly.  As soon as we got there all the free gifts already ran out in the first 25 minutes of their opening.  I was devestated since that was the only thing I really came for.  We even checked at two VS stores.  Luck was not on my side until I checked their online website which was holding the same deal online!  I quickly went online to order my two favorite bras (because there was a buy one bra get a second bra half off sale as well) and tried getting the free tote bag.  The only sad thing was waiting for the items in the mail.  But when I recieved it in the mail, it was definately worth the wait.

I know VS bras are very expensive but it is definately nice to have at least one.  I was never a big fan of spending a lot of money for bras but after being introduced to it from my sister-in-law, I can not stop buying them.  It fits right and I can tell a difference wearing VS bras compared to other bras.  My all time favorite bra is the Incredible Push Up Bra because it gives me a good lift and doesn't make my chest look flat.  Do you ever have the problem where your bra keeps moving upward and you keep having to pull it down with your thumb or finger and by the end of the day you have a finger dent in the middle of your chest on your shirt (I get this all the time with my other bras probably becaue it doesn't fit me well or something)?  Incredible bra fits snuggly on me without making me feel suffocated from tight fitting.  I would recommend this bra as a must have especially for people who have small chest like me because it fits perfectly and also gives a full support and shape.  If I could, I would keep rambling about this bra.  You just have to try it to see for yourself. 

The best thing to do if you are a constant customer to Victoria's Secret is getting their VS credit card because they send you coupons through the mail almost once or twice a month.  The coupons range from getting $10 off a bra to getting a free underwear with a purchase.  I know I always try to get the free undies because I think their underwears are too pricey.  I just started buying VS bras and over the summer I became a VIP VS shopper.  That probably means I spend to much money and my sisters alway complain that my husband spoils me too much.  I just say I'm LOVED.  :)  

These are the two bras I bought.  The nude bra is the new Biofit Padded bra that I wanted to try out and the pink on is the Incredible Push Up bra.  I seriously love these bras.

The items I got for free.  I can't wait to try them out.

Okay now it's time to go back to studying.  Will be back in a week after all my finals are over.  I can not wait any longer.

Yours Truly,


  1. You are majorly spoiled! haha! Can I have some??

  2. LMAO...Thanks for being the only one who writes on my blog.

  3. those are cute bras! i also bought vs bras too and the quality is really good :)
    -Hannah :)

  4. Thanks girls! I really appreciate the input from everyone.

  5. the bras sound amazing!! i REALLY wish we had victoria's secret here in the UK. my lovely aunt from the US has sent me some stuff in the past and some comfy vs underwear - aah i LOVE it!
    cute blog btw! xoxo

  6. Thanks EmmaDee, it's nice to hear encouraging words especially from just starting blogs. Maybe someday we can do beauty swaps from our country. I am definitely looking for someone to do that with. :)

  7. Oh my ~ those bras look absolutely gorgeous!*w* I love the colours.

    Congrats to your blog,Pam!:) I just started mine in December as well,and now I'm addicted to do blogposts 24/7 LOL ^_^"

    xo Evinde

  8. Thank you Evinde. I know! Blogging is SO addicting.

  9. It's always nice to have some really great bras and I love the bag ! :)

  10. Vintage and Cake: Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I really appreciate it and yes I love my bras. :)