Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Things I Do For Beautiful Skin

Skin is such a sensitive topic for me to talk about.  Throughout the years, I can say I never had a big issue with having acne problems or major breakouts.  I would have them once and a while usually on my chin (T-zone areas) but never to a point where it would not disappear.  Toward the end of the summer, I started to break out constantly.  I thought maybe it's the stress, not having enough sleep, the food I'm eating, my make-up products, or my period.  But as days went by, it never got better.  I felt very insecure about the way I looked and went on a skincare/acne product shopping spree.  Everytime I heard something good from someone whether it's someone I knew or on the internet, I had to get the product hoping it would work for my skin.  Each day it seemed like it would get worse and worse.

Now these acne I have are the annoying kind.  They're the ones that give a bump on your face and just stay there.  I have tons of them on my forehead (which I never get acne on my forehead and never ever on my cheeks).  I started breaking out on my right cheek as well.  All my family and relatives started noticing the change in my skin and nothing makes you more insecure than when someone points out how much acne you have.  It's pretty sad.

Above is a photo of all the skincare products I bought throughout the months/years.  Now I know what you are going to say next--WELL THE REASON WHY SHE BROKE OUT IS BECAUSE SHE'S USING TOO MANY PRODUCTS--I did not start using different products until I started breaking out.  Sometimes I used Clearasil Ultra Acne Clearing Scrub in the shower but before my major break out I NEVER used all these skincare products (some of these item I bought be still haven't tried yet).  Now maybe I did started overusing skincare products on my face but there were times I didn't use anything at all.  Nothing seemed to help.  Some days were better than others but still my skin was not the way it use to be.  I miss it so much.

The break down of all my skincare products.

Make-Up Remover Cloth

Face Scrubs





Other Skincare Products

NOTE:  Some of these products were helpful, but not to my satisfaction.  Just because it did not work for me does not mean it will not work for you.  I just want you all to know that I'm not saying I wouldn't recommend these skincare products.  I just wanted you guys to see all the things I do just for clear skin.  I used so much money.  All the money I spent on these products I could have just gone to a dermatologist! :P

Then after talkig to my sister Patt, watching Jen/FromHeadToToe on YouTube about her skincare routine, and reading Elise's acne blog post, I decided it was time to see a dermatologist.

I finally made an appointment and met with a dermatologist last week Tuesday.  Here is what I received from them.

  Sheets of paper explaining my medication

I got three prescribed medications and he also gave me trial size cleansers and moisturizer that I could use as needed.

My Morning Routine

Benzoyl Peroxide Creamy Wash 4%--leave on face for only 10 seconds.
Doxycycline--an antibiotic medication  *My dermatologist gave me a choice of taking this antibiotic or not to.  He said taking this antibiotic would work faster than the topical medication.  I was a little iffy about the antibiotic because I learned in class that you shouldn't abuse antibiotics.  Because I was in desperate need for a clear beautiful skin, I thought I would have to try it.  Let me know what you think.  Do you think taking an antibiotic for acne medication is good or bad?  Have you taken any antibiotic for acne?  Does it work?  I would love to hear your opinions.

My Night Routine

Cetaphil, Cerave, or Purpose--for a mild face wash
Tretinoin Cream--for topical use

I noticed that my skin is getting better but I know it will take a couple of weeks to see the full effect.  I'm really glad I went to a dermatologist because they are doctors and they know what is right for your skin.  What works for you may not work for me.  We all have different skin types. 

My Tips
  • Don't use too many skincare products for your skin
  • Keep the same skincare product routine for about a month
  • Wash your makeup off at night (something I rarely did until I started breaking out)
  • Drink lots of water a day to keep your body hydrated
  • If you feel your acne problem is not getting any better (just getting worse), I really recommend you to see a dermatologist.
  • Wash your makeup brushes
  • Buy trial size skincare products before buying a full big bottle.  Try a small one out to see if it works for your skin first.  Don't waste your money like I did.
  • Don't pick your acne (something I always do too) because it will cause scars
  • Don't touch your face so much--think of all the things your fingers touch and to get it on your face.
  • Be confident--know that things will get better soon. :)

Now I will be boxing all my skincare products and storing it away.  I can't wait to have clear, beautiful skin!!!

Hope This Was Helpful!

Monday, January 17, 2011

I feel so CHEATED on!

Okay, one thing about me is buying from impulse without THINKING first.

If you read my recent post, you know I bought from Sephora's Private 2-day event which was their new Hello Kitty beauty products.  I bought their Hello Kitty brush set which was $49.  I was pretty happy and felt satisfied having a set of brushes and a Hello Kitty container for $49. 

But then...
I was browsing around Forever 21's website and found something that caught my eyes.  It looked a little bit similar to something that I recently bought and I had to compare them.  What caught my eyes?
and YES look at the price of those!!!  ONLY $3.80!


Immediately I took my new Hello Kitty brush set out to compare.  As you can see, they look quite similar.  Pink and silver handle, white and pink brush, and exactly five brushes in each.  The only difference is THREE of the brushes are not the same and the ones I bought have a Hello Kitty print on them. 
I'm not saying that they are the same brushes but they look SO SIMILAR!  Do you not agree?!?!  Maybe I'll order the ones on Forever21 just to compare and contrast between the two.  BUT UGH! I just feel so cheated on that I had to blog about it. 
Up close photos of my Hello Kitty brushes

Now I have not used these brushes to know if they work well but I would really want to buy the ones from Forever 21 just to compare the two sets.

Is it just me or are these Hello Kitty Brush Set a little TOO expensive for $49?! 
I could have gotten a Naked Palette or nice worth-while Sigma Brushes!  LOL!


Also got cheated from Rock and Republic as well!

Now I've heard many good review about R&R's blushes but I also wanted to try something different too.  So I decided I would get one blush and one bronzer/highlighter.  I've seen how big the blushes look and after looking at the photo on their website (NOT READING-which I always should do) I thought hmmm the bronzer/highlighter will probably be that big as well and only $45 (also their 50% cosmetic discount and $25 reward credit which would make it even MORE cheaper).

Okay, without reading doesn't the bronzer/highlighter look just as big as the blushes???
Did you notice what I didn't notice (when you read the side)?

Now here is what I received in the mail.

 You notice it again in this photo?  ( sad) :'(

It was only a bronzer/highlighter REFILL!  I guess I should have read and thought about it before impulse buying.  But I think if it's only a refill they should not deceive customers and put a whole photo of the bronzer/highlighter.  IT'S VERY DECEIVING!  Also 45 bucks on a refill bronzer/highlighter is pretty expensive.  Luckly, I got discounts for it. 

Hopefully, I learned my lesson. :)


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review: Laura Geller Balance N Brighten

I wanted to do a quick review of Laura Geller Balance N Brighten which is a baked foundation with many infused color that is suppose to color-correct your skin and give you a flawless-looking complexion.
I came across this powder foundation while browsing through Ulta's website.  I love reading reviews and seeing people's reaction to the product before buying them.  This product was rated 4.8 out of 5 on the Ulta website and after reading many positive reviews about it I thought I would give it a try.  I have been using Bare Minerals powder foundation for about three years now and I thought now would be the time to find something better.  I bought it for $31 which I feel like it is a bit over-priced.      

The direction instructs you to use all over your face in place of foundation or with your favorite base for an even and healthy glow. Mix with Bronze-N-Brighten to achieve a flawlessly bronzed complexion.
As you can see from the picture above, there are different shades of color mixed together.  It seems like it would last a while.  I've used it probably about seven times for a full coverage look and it still looks like I just opened the package.  It does not look like it is going down at all.

This foundation comes in three different shades.  You have a choice of Regular/Medium, Fair, or Tan.  One thing that sucks about buying online is not being able to swatch the product to see which one would match me more.  From the photo I thought fair would be too light on me so I bought the regular/medium one.  I was WRONG.  The regular/medium was too dark on me.  It did not look good and made me look like I had a fake tan on.  I hate when the color of my face from my foundation is different from the color of my neck.  I guess I wont be using this foundation until I get tan in the summer.  
I did not use any concealer or liquid foundation at all.  I only used the Benifit's POREfessional primer.
Here is a before and after photo swatch on my cheek.  Sorry for the bad lighting and photo.  Yuck! and sorry for my ugly, bare skin. lol
As you can see from the photo, it did give me a good coverage.  It also evened my skintone and covered my redspots and blemishes.  It does give me a matte look and has no shimmer to it. 
I used Coastal Scent's foundation brush. 

I was putting the powder foundation on my sofa because its by my window and it got pretty messy.  Here is a photo of the area I set the compact on. 

The Good
It's very easy to use
It does feel lightweight
It does last throughout the day
It does not rub off from your face to your fingers, clothes, or towel.  (You know how some foundations if you touch your face with your fingers and then the foundation goes on your fingers to wherever you touch next--mine always gets on my textbook) 
It gives a matte look
It evens skintone
It does brighten your skin
It does look like it would last months before you would have to repurchase

The Bad
It gets pretty messy because the powder falls out whenever you use a brush to swipe the foundation.  (picture above--my sofa)
It doesn't give me the coverage I need--I had to swipe the foundation with my brush many times in order to get the amount I wanted on my face.
Its very pricey
It does not come in many shades (only 3)

My Recommendation
If you do not need much coverage on your face and just want a nice even skintone, I would recommend this for you.  I have too many blemishes, scars, redspots for only this powder foundation.  I find it works better for me when I put liquid foundation or concealer on before using it. 
I would also recommend this to someone who is a beginner at putting powder foundation because it's very easy to apply.

I give Laura Geller Balance N Brighten Powder Foundation 4 out of 5 hearts.

~A Reminder:  This is only my opinion.  I have heard many great reviews about this product and just because it's not the best for me doesn't mean it won't work for you.  I also have no affiliation with Laura Geller's product.  I bought the product with my own money.  Thanks for taking the time reading this and hope you all enjoyed my very first review.  :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tribute To My Husband

Sorry for not posting for so long.  I have been so busy during the holiday season that I didn't have time for a new post.  Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday and a Great New Year.  I know I did.  We visited my brothers for a week who lives 16 hours away from where I do.  It was nice to get away from the snow and I also missed my brothers too.

I have been wanting to pay a tribute to my husband on New Years Day since it marked our 3rd year wedding anniversary but I was so busy I didn't have time until today.

What can I say about my husband.  He's the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I know everyone says this but I AM TRULY REALLY BLESSED TO HAVE HIM IN MY LIFE.  Before marrying him, I struggled commuting from home to school, paying bills, car problems, working two jobs, and keeping stable grades as a full-time student in college.  I'm not saying that I didn't enjoy being with my family or being unmarried.  I love my family; they are my backbone.  They made me who I am today.  What I'm saying is after marrying my husband, he has taken very good care of me.  He moved to the town I go to school at and got us an apartment.  He lets me focus with my school and not have to work.  He pays all my bills and also supports me with the equipments and textbooks I need for school.  He makes sure my car is in good condition and because of him, I can focus on my schoolwork and nothing else.  I guess what I'm saying is he doesn't just tell me how much he loves me, he shows how much he loves me.  It's very hard to write down how much he loves me and does for me because words can not explain it.

 Some photos of us throughout the years.
The first picture we took together.  Gosh how young and naive we use to be.  This was taken back in April 2005

February 15, 2006:  My 18th Birthday

Winter 2006:  He's the biggest goofball I know. 
Everyday he always does something
different to make me laugh.


Spring 2006:  First Time Fishing Together
May 2006:  My High School Graduation

December 2006:  Our First Winter Formal Dance Together

Our Wedding Ceremony in June 14, 2008 (Note picture to the right: Don't worry he wanted to take a photo like this not me. lol)

July 2008:  Our Honeymoon at Yosemite National Park in California 

Halloween 2008
Halloween 2009

July 2009:  At My Sister's Wedding Ceremony

Halloween 2010

Most Recent Photo of Us Taken on New Years Day 2011

My husband and I agreed we didn't have to buy Christmas presents to each other since we were going on a vacation for a week and spending a lot for our family.  We also agreed when we want something we always buy it so there's no need to surprise each other with presents.

That dork still surprised me with a Bruno Mars CD which I have been looking for a while now. :)

(sorry for the bad quality I had to use my camera phone since I forgot my camera at my mom's house)

I also took the opportunity of Sephora's Private 2-day Event:  Hello Kitty Beauty Preview.  I'm not a very big Hello Kitty fan (meaning I don't go all out to buy every single item of Hello Kitty *no offense to anyone who does though*).  I just thought this was very cute and since I needed a nice/cute storage for my brushes I thought I would get this.  I actually like it a lot. 

On another note:  I notice my followers creep up to almost 30 followers and in less than one month!  That's awesome!  Thanks everyone who has commented and followed.  I never thought anyone would want to follow a dorky girl like me.  It makes me happy to know there are so many friendly people around the world.  I really appreciate your comments and for following me.