Monday, February 28, 2011

Girl Power

If a man can, a woman can too.
There are so many male superheroes out there.  At the top of my head I can name so many of them. Superman, Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Flash, Green Lanturn.  Even so many movies come out with these superheroes as the greatest hero of them all.
Now on the other hand the only female superheroes I can think of is Wonder Woman and Cat Woman. 
I always believe that a woman has the power, authority, and will to be just as good (probably even better..hehe) than a man. 
Am I right ladies???

So a couple of years ago, I was Wonder Woman for Halloween. (WAY OLD!  In 2005)

Representing GIRL POWER! (lol)

I look like such a DORK! LOL!  Back then I thought I looked BOMB-DIGITY! haha!

So when MAC came out with the Wonder Woman Collection, I had to get some.

Even my sister says when she see anything that is Wonder Woman, she thinks about me. HEHE!

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! THE COLORS!  But I have not used them yet.  I might just keep it as a collection.

Before I leave though, just wanted to ask....
What is up with the artist who drew these female Superheroes???

Seriously?!  Isn't this a bit distorted and disgusting! :S

Monday, February 21, 2011

The BIG 23

Happy Be-lated Birthday to Me!
(A long overdue post)
My birthday was the day after Valentines and I have been so busy so I havn't gotten to post this.

My husband is such a dork.  His plan was to make me really mad on Valentine's day by acting like he didn't remember about Valentine's day.  After picking me up at school, he went straight to playing his PS3 (which he knows I get irritated when he plays too much).  At the end of the night, (I knew in the back of my mind that he had to have gotten me something but just wanted a good surprise) so I lied to him that I was going to meet up with my friends later for my early birthday.  He got all bummy and started telling me I was ditching out on him on Valentine's day.  When I was almost finished getting ready, he came into the bedroom with a NEW LAPTOP!  Something I really needed and wanted.
I ended up telling him to return the laptop.  Although I am in need of a new laptop, I am MORE in need of a new car.  I had a good heart to heart talk with him about how more important it is to have a better, reliable car.  
We are now saving up for a NEW CAR!!! 
I am so excited! :D

So on my birthday I didn't have class and my husband didn't work so it was a day of just spending time with each other.  We went to the mall and he let me buy whatever I wanted.  So this is what I got for my birthday from my wonderful husband.

The left is my birthday gift from Sephora.  The middle is using my 100 sephora points on a Hello Kitty perfume.  The right is another gift I got.
Also received gifts from my sisters, aunt, friends, and families but taking photos of everything will just be a big hassle.  My sisters and friend surprised me to a dinner at Olive Garden the day after my birthday and I WAS SHOCKED!  Never thought they would do something that special for me.  It's not the quantity but the quality that counts.
Onto a different story now:  (Sorry for such a long post.  If your still reading to this point, I give you props because I tend to go on and on when I blog lol)  A couple of weeks ago, my camera accidently fell into a bucket of water.  It stopped working, thus I stopped blogging for a while due to not being able to take pictures.  I was devastated because I love blogging.  HEHE!
On Valentine's Day, I told my husband all I want as a gift is for him to be able to fix my camera because it was expensive and should not go to waste.  He moved the lens around and tapped it a little and then it worked! What a miracle.
My mom came over on my birthday and hung out with me and I had told her not to get me anything because she's just so kind and generous she goes way overboard.  She surprised me with a NEW CAMERA! (I'm such a spoiled little girl. LOL!)  I told her to return the camera as well because mine already worked.  I gave her a good lecture about saving her money, don't be too nice, and how I am just happy all the people in my life is happy and healthy.  I know it sounds corny but it's true.  All the things I want, I already received freely and that is FAMILY. :)
So I saved a good 900 bucks and in return received LOVE.

I'm not ready to be one year older but I'm ready to be a better person and a good role model.  Oh Yeah! And it's only a number. :P

Friday, February 18, 2011


Why do bad things always happen to me!?!
Received my NYX package from Hautelook and look at one of my palette.
I am NOT a happy camper right now.
I e-mailed the customer service and hope something will be resolved.

Let me know:  WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Lady Gaga is BACK!
(And I'm so excited for her music and cosmetics)
I think Lady Gaga is an amazing person.  Although she may be weird and different to people, I LOVE that she is who she is.  She doesn't try to assimilate into the Hollywood look.  She stays true to herself.  What she says on an interview with Ellen is what inspires me to be who I am.

She also has a beautiful voice that doesn't need a machine to fix it so that it sounds great.  AMAZING person. :)

Lady Gaga's Viva Glam 2 came out today at Macys which is more of a light warm beige color.  My sister and I stopped by Macys yesterday because we wanted to check out the Wonder Woman collection.  After we checked out, the sales lady gave us a sneak peak of the Viva Glam 2.  We fell in LOVE! LOL!  It was such a beautful color that we wanted it so bad. 
Before going to my clinical, I headed to Macys again today (these ladies that work at Macys probably think my sister and I are makeup addict).  My intention was to only buy the lipstick.  The sales lady let me try the lipstick and lipgloss and I could not resist so I bought both of them.  I have the first Viva Glam but the pink color was too bright on me and didn't match my skin tone.  Now this Viva Glam 2 is more of a color that I could wear.  The color is so beautiful that I could wear it for an everyday look. 

I think the lipgloss on top of the lipstick gave more of a finished look.  This is the reason why I decided to buy both of them.

The top swatch is the lipgloss and the bottom swatch is the lipstick.

Lipstick Alone

Lipgloss On Top Of Lipstick

This post was made especially for Sylvia so she can decide if she likes the color enough to buy it.  Hope this helped you. :D

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I received TWO awards!!!

I know some people may not see this as such an accomplish and rewarding but I'm SO HAPPY!  Starting this blog two months ago, I never thought I would meet so many awesome people, have followers, and people stopping by to comment.  It really means a lot to me.  I am a really down-to-earth girl and anything would give me excitement.  Like these awards! :)

My first award came from Aseya at Pretty in the Desert, Aseya was my first blogger friend.  She's such a nice and friendly person and I'm happy to have met her.  If you haven't checked out her blog, you should (her post are always very interesting to read).

Post about the award and copy the rules
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Choose 3-5 blogs you would like to give the award to and link to them as well. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know!
Important: The award is for unknown and/or new blogs only!

I will award this to:

-Mai Bee from MB
-Soua from Newbie
-April from Lonely

I also received another award from My-My at My-My Cares.  Thanks again hun!  
The rules for these awards are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Tell us 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 15 recently discovered new bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award(s).

Seven Things About Me

  1. I love babies and children (the reason why I want to be a Pediatric Nurse when I graduate).  Here's a clip of my husband's neice Isabella reading to me.  She's a cutie.  She calls me "daunty" because she can't say aunty. 
2.  Having TWO older sisters is the BEST!  They are my best friend and sister.  I can always go to them for anything.  I don't know how I would have been like without them.  We look nothing alike.

3.  My husband and I plan to have children in the future.  We will wait until I graduate from college before we have any.  I want to have four children but since we wont be having one anytime soon, our fishies are our babies.

4.  I do not eat peanuts because when I was probably about 4 or 5 years old my uncle told me if I eat peanuts I will get fat.  OMG! I am so dumb. LOL!  To this day I don't eat peanuts, NOT because I think I will get fat but because over the years I am not use to the taste anymore.  (To this day my whole family still makes fun of me about not eating peanuts.)

5.  Sometimes I have brain farts or "blonde" moments.  Okay I may have these more than some people but hey I'm proud of it. LOL!  I GOT IT FROM MY MOMMA!  When I was young I said I liked JC Penny because everything was only a penny. LOL!!! OMG!  I am so stupid.  (Sorry I thought since Dollar Tree everything is a dollar, it would be the same for JC Penny. LOL)

6.  I love watching youtube clips.  Anything from makeup gurus to comical people like WongFu Production, KevJumba, and NigaHiga. I also LOVE Victor Kim.  LOL!  He's just so talented.  He can sing, dance, paint, play the drums, piano, guitar, oh and he's so sweet to his girlfriend--leaving her messages of him singing or making youtube tribute clips to her--it's so sweet.  I have a major crush on him that my husband gets jealous (hehe).

7.  I've always had a passion of caring for those who needed help.  Whether it be animal or people, I always feel like I need to help them.  This is probably why I want to be a nurse or in the healthcare field.

I am awarding this to:

-Grace from Arcanus Grace
-Orla from 'Orla xx
-Dinorah from DinorahBaby ♥
-Mai from D R E ★ M E R
-Steph from susho
-Karen from Karen M
-Daniela from A Play on Words
-Jessica from ESPERANDO EL AMOR. 

Thanks Again Everyone!