Monday, February 21, 2011

The BIG 23

Happy Be-lated Birthday to Me!
(A long overdue post)
My birthday was the day after Valentines and I have been so busy so I havn't gotten to post this.

My husband is such a dork.  His plan was to make me really mad on Valentine's day by acting like he didn't remember about Valentine's day.  After picking me up at school, he went straight to playing his PS3 (which he knows I get irritated when he plays too much).  At the end of the night, (I knew in the back of my mind that he had to have gotten me something but just wanted a good surprise) so I lied to him that I was going to meet up with my friends later for my early birthday.  He got all bummy and started telling me I was ditching out on him on Valentine's day.  When I was almost finished getting ready, he came into the bedroom with a NEW LAPTOP!  Something I really needed and wanted.
I ended up telling him to return the laptop.  Although I am in need of a new laptop, I am MORE in need of a new car.  I had a good heart to heart talk with him about how more important it is to have a better, reliable car.  
We are now saving up for a NEW CAR!!! 
I am so excited! :D

So on my birthday I didn't have class and my husband didn't work so it was a day of just spending time with each other.  We went to the mall and he let me buy whatever I wanted.  So this is what I got for my birthday from my wonderful husband.

The left is my birthday gift from Sephora.  The middle is using my 100 sephora points on a Hello Kitty perfume.  The right is another gift I got.
Also received gifts from my sisters, aunt, friends, and families but taking photos of everything will just be a big hassle.  My sisters and friend surprised me to a dinner at Olive Garden the day after my birthday and I WAS SHOCKED!  Never thought they would do something that special for me.  It's not the quantity but the quality that counts.
Onto a different story now:  (Sorry for such a long post.  If your still reading to this point, I give you props because I tend to go on and on when I blog lol)  A couple of weeks ago, my camera accidently fell into a bucket of water.  It stopped working, thus I stopped blogging for a while due to not being able to take pictures.  I was devastated because I love blogging.  HEHE!
On Valentine's Day, I told my husband all I want as a gift is for him to be able to fix my camera because it was expensive and should not go to waste.  He moved the lens around and tapped it a little and then it worked! What a miracle.
My mom came over on my birthday and hung out with me and I had told her not to get me anything because she's just so kind and generous she goes way overboard.  She surprised me with a NEW CAMERA! (I'm such a spoiled little girl. LOL!)  I told her to return the camera as well because mine already worked.  I gave her a good lecture about saving her money, don't be too nice, and how I am just happy all the people in my life is happy and healthy.  I know it sounds corny but it's true.  All the things I want, I already received freely and that is FAMILY. :)
So I saved a good 900 bucks and in return received LOVE.

I'm not ready to be one year older but I'm ready to be a better person and a good role model.  Oh Yeah! And it's only a number. :P


  1. Happy belated Birthday! your husband is so sweet, those hot rollers look great and you look so cute :)

  2. happy belated birthday... i think i already greeted you a birthday but doesn't matter :p i'll greet you another one hehe
    don't worry about aging... I'm OLDER than you so don't worry about the number. A lot of ppl can't actually tell how old you are :) and like you said it's a number so as long as you feel good and you're happy the number in your age is a problem. Enjoy your presents! I've sent out the package to you today :)

  3. AWW! Your husband is a sweetheart! Good luck with saving up for a car! <3

    Belated Happy Birthday! :)

  4. AWW! This is a sweet post! I'm glad you were happy with your bday! It's true material things are nothing compared to the love from your family. I'm glad you had a good time! LOL AND I'm glad you were happy that we surprised you with a dinner bday even though it didn't turn out exactly as planned! :) You still look like you're only 16 b/c of your chubby cheeks! Plus who cares if your getting older, you only get wiser!

  5. happy birthday and love your v-day/valentines look so gorgeous :)

    that is super sweet of you.. and love all the shopping haul stuff your hubs got for you :)

    love your blog i'm a new follower :) would love for you to visit and follow me too!

  6. Happy birthday! You're such a sweet girl. <33 The people in your life are VERY lucky to have you. =)

  7. happy belated birthday pam! yay to one step closer to getting a car! =]

  8. Happy belated birthday Pammy! :D You look so CUTE in your photos :D And yay for saving for a car!!! You can do it. Your husband and your family are so thoughtful and sweet :)

  9. Happy belated 23rd birthday hun.. God bless you always.. Love your FOTD..Simple smokey eyes..You look absolutely gorgeous..^_^..

  10. Aww!! You're so adorable! :) Happy birthday! You deserve a wonderful one and I wish you a super amazing year!! :)

  11. Glad you had such a great birthday celebration & have so many wonderful people in your life! Happy belated birthday Pam :)

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  13. Happy belated birthday. This was such nice birthday post. Your family and friends sound wonderful.

  14. happy belated birthday <3

    this was a very sweet post, i have to remind my mother not to be too nice either~ lol

  15. All your comments are so kind and sweet. Sory for not replying to each of you individually which I usually like to do. School is really tough on me this semester and I'm trying to balance blogging and school at the same time. hehe. I appreciate you all taking the time to come by and commenting. Thanks so much!

  16. Thanks for following pretty girl. :) I followed back. You have a great blog. I like all the cute pictures! :) Feel free to stop by anytime. Take care girl.


  17. Sounds like your hubby and mum were seriously generous! Though I'd have been going a bit mad by the end of valentines day if my other half was sitting playing his xbox (he hasn't got a ps3...yet!) but I guess he more than made up for it :)

    P.S. really nice pic... your eye lashes look amazing and I love the lip colour you're wearing ♥

  18. You are so pretty! I know I'm super duper late but Happy belated Birthday, Pam! I love your lipstick & your makeup looks flawless! Your lashes look gorgeous!

    Awww, you're such a sweet person! I love that you appreciate your family & loved ones so much! I rarely see that anymore, especially in young girls like you. It's really refreshing to see! (: OMG, I totally felt your pain when you said you kind of stopped blogging when your camera was broken lol I get so sad too when I can't find the time to blog! Good thing your man has the Midas touch & got your camera back in business. Haha. <3

  19. Dinorah: I loved your comment. It was sweet, funny, and thoughtful. I'm glad you all enjoyed reading my LONG rant and I'm happy to see happy these very thoughtful comments. I just love blogging.

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