Thursday, February 17, 2011


Lady Gaga is BACK!
(And I'm so excited for her music and cosmetics)
I think Lady Gaga is an amazing person.  Although she may be weird and different to people, I LOVE that she is who she is.  She doesn't try to assimilate into the Hollywood look.  She stays true to herself.  What she says on an interview with Ellen is what inspires me to be who I am.

She also has a beautiful voice that doesn't need a machine to fix it so that it sounds great.  AMAZING person. :)

Lady Gaga's Viva Glam 2 came out today at Macys which is more of a light warm beige color.  My sister and I stopped by Macys yesterday because we wanted to check out the Wonder Woman collection.  After we checked out, the sales lady gave us a sneak peak of the Viva Glam 2.  We fell in LOVE! LOL!  It was such a beautful color that we wanted it so bad. 
Before going to my clinical, I headed to Macys again today (these ladies that work at Macys probably think my sister and I are makeup addict).  My intention was to only buy the lipstick.  The sales lady let me try the lipstick and lipgloss and I could not resist so I bought both of them.  I have the first Viva Glam but the pink color was too bright on me and didn't match my skin tone.  Now this Viva Glam 2 is more of a color that I could wear.  The color is so beautiful that I could wear it for an everyday look. 

I think the lipgloss on top of the lipstick gave more of a finished look.  This is the reason why I decided to buy both of them.

The top swatch is the lipgloss and the bottom swatch is the lipstick.

Lipstick Alone

Lipgloss On Top Of Lipstick

This post was made especially for Sylvia so she can decide if she likes the color enough to buy it.  Hope this helped you. :D


  1. i love gaga too!! i really like the nude lipstick on you it's so pretty!

  2. The color is gorgeous! <3
    I love the way it looks on you. & good call on getting the lipglass too, it looks so pretty!

  3. The lipstick and lipglass both look great on you! :)

  4. That looks so great on you, not sure if it would work for my skin tone.

  5. *squeals!!* thanks so much love!! the lipstick looks great on you already but you're right the lipglass topped it off nicely. I am SOLD, getting it TOMORROW! ;)

  6. looks great on you~~~~~~
    && you look adorable in the pics =D

  7. AWWW! Thanks ladies! I looked so crappy today because I was heading to clinicals so I didn't take as much time on my makeup. The pictures looked hideous but thanks for all the nice comments. I love these lipstick/lipgloss and I hope it helps for those who was debating on getting it.

    Sylvia: I'm so glad this helped you. You will LOVE the color.

  8. YAY!! SOOO happy we got the product!! it's so gorgeous!! And it looks good on you sis! :)

  9. I absolutely love this post. I am a huge Gaga fan so I totally agree with everything you said lol. The lipsticks looks amazing on you. Hopefully it'll look good on me ;)

  10. Oh I've been waiting for swatches! You're right they look really pretty together. The color looks really good on you too :)

  11. Awws they look great!I'm also planning to buy the lipstick(it would be my first MAC product :) lol),but I'm afraid,that it would be a bit dark on me.(I have fair skin.)
    Both of them look great on you!Thanks for the swatches!:))

  12. Thank you girls. If you are unsure if it will match your skintone try it on before you buy. Then you wont waste your money if you don't like the color.

  13. i love lady gaga too!!!
    i'm ur newest follower :D