Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My New DO

I recently dyed my hair.  I wanted a blonde look but I should have known with my black hair this dye would not make my hair blonde.  Maybe if I took it to the salon, I would have gotten the color I wanted.  But I still do like the color on me because it's not too extreme.  The brown color is only seen in the sunlight. 

This is the color I wanted. lol.  I dyed it once and didn't see much difference so last week I dyed it again.  It is much lighter now than it was the first time I dyed it.

A couple of months ago Clairol was promoting this new foam hair dye.  It was such an easy way to get free coupons to try this new product out.  I found out through Facebook by "liking" all these beauty products.  I would encourage you to do so as well if you have a Facebook account because sometimes these beauty companies give free products away to their followers.

You get a coupon sent to you in the mail.  You can take the coupon to any store that sells these Clairol foam hair dye products and get the whole package for FREE!
I actually liked this product a lot.  It's not as messy as the liquid one and I feel like I can dye my hair with the foam hair dye a lot more quicker and on my own.  It's an easy process and it doesn't drip all over.

I'll keep my hair this color for a while and once I get bored maybe I'll dye it again so it gets a little more lighter again.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I ♥ discounts!

Everyone loves to buy things cheaper than the retail price right?

This weekend (March 11-March 13) Coach Outlet Store is having a 30% off discount on all the purses.
My mom, sister, and I each got our very first Coach purse yesterday. :D

Isn't it beautiful.
The price isn't that beautiful though. :S  Luckily, I paid way less than that.

So, if you have a Coach Outlet Store nearby, you should definately check this awesomly cool deal out.

We also stopped by a cosmetic outlet store that sells name brand makeup at a cheaper price. 
I got this new eye and cheek palette for a very good deal.  Retail price was $52 and I got it for $27.75.  I've never heard of Prescriptives before but the colors are beautiful and very pigmented.  I couldn't let it go.

It's actually a really nice pouch/purse that zips up.  That's very helpful especially when I travel because then if I were to ever drop it, it won't break and shadder to peices.  I'm going to carry this palette everywhere I go.  

NEW TOPIC: I'm almost to 100 followers and I thank each and every one of you guys.  I know I haven't been blogging for a while now and I'm so sorry.  School is so hard this semester and last week I just finished taking 3 exams, presenting a project, and going to my state capital for Nurse's day.  I will try my best to keep updating but if you don't see or hear from me please be patient. I will definately be rewarding my blog followers for sticking with me and my boring blog very soon (Summer time when my stress-free from school).  I appreciate all your wonderful comments and still do read them. 

Please don't give up on me just yet. LOL!