Monday, June 13, 2011

At Last!

At LAST I am finally back blogging! 
I am so sorry to all my followers and readers!  I have missed you all so much.

I've been searching for a nude nail polish for the longest time and I finally found it!  It's so beautiful and only $3.74.  I am totally loving it because its matte, simple yet unique.

And don't forget: Victoria Secret is having their Semi-Annual Sale tomorrow at 8am.

I'm so excited to check it out.


  1. LOOOVE! I should really give Revlon a try! :-)

  2. LOL you should look into Zoya's new nude collection. Their polishes are really good. You get 3 for $24, plus they have a promo going on, whatever you order, you get 2 free polishes.

  3. I've just bought mines last week with free shipping and zoya has this nail polish remover and it is really good. This their blog about the promo:

    O, I'll definitely will check out the VS sale. I always do every year and I LOVE their cute panties and bras =)

  4. Michelle: yes! You should definately give it a try. Its cheap an works well for its price.

    Npla: thanks hun! I will definately check their promo out! I've been so crazy over nail polishes lol. :)

  5. that's a pretty matte color!
    yay! just in time for the VS sale! are u going?
    if you are, mind doing a VS Semi-Annual haul for us? ^_^
    pls sub my blog if u have time:

  6. KaitLin Kat: yes I did go to the vs semi annual sale! Did some damage to my account. :( Sure! I will definately show what I got. :)

  7. that's a nice nude color!! by the way, I love your picture in the header!! more of them :)

  8. welcome back to blogsphere, the nail color is really pretty, beige nude <3

  9. OMG that color is so pretty =D very nice nude color

    p.s i've tagged you in my latesst post ^^

  10. I have the exact same nail polish. I think this is a great color for fall! Wootzz!

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